Saturday, February 8, 2020

R&D Proposal TMGT421 (R&D for HVAC Replacement) Essay

R&D Proposal TMGT421 (R&D for HVAC Replacement) - Essay Example This essay stresses that the HVAC systems are vital towards energy consumptions as well as thermal comfort especially in the residential buildings. These conditions can only be met by using effective and efficient HVAC equipment that in this project is the air conditioners. The essential integral part in energy conservation using this HVAC equipment or the air conditioner is the design of the equipment, control system, distribution system, and the building envelope as well as the optimization of the system. The improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC systems requires high level of understanding of the inter rations in the system issues especially the primary engineering issues. Additionally, detailed trades off issues relating to the energy conservation designs must be exploited fully before conclusion are drawn and recommendation made and National Academies Press. This paper makes a conclusion that the desired air conditioner will be designed not to run continuously as it is in air conditions that are being used currently. This kindly of system design will be achieved through installation or embedding thermostat into the home used air conditioners so that it is automatically switches off and on the once the desired temperatures are attained. This modified air conditioner will reduce the amount of energy used in running the air conditioner thereby leading to a great deal of energy conservation. This kind of energy conservation system will help reduce energy consumption rates that will reflect as low electricity bills.

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